New Conservation Strategies

We at Karin Heiman, Consulting Biology and Carolina Management Systems specialize in developing strategies for individual landowners and developers to increase and maintain the value of their property investment.

Our goal is to provide our clients with high quality services, facilitate optimum return on investments, and leave a “green” legacy for the future.


For landowners, we can help you plan the layout of your property, gain potentially significant tax benefits, learn more about your property, discover land use options, and take advantage of Conservation Easements to protect your property.

For developers, Conservation Easements can offer potential for considerable tax benefits, provide good public relations for “ green” values, and increase demand for properties. Potential clients are willing to pay more for land near enduring green spaces. Also for developments there are proven alternative design plans that can yield the same number of units as original plans, with decreased development costs.

For realtors and developers, we have increased sales velocity. We provide “Natural Features Reports” that give potential clients hands-on documentation on how a property is unique, thus motivating sales.

We are a local independent company networking with the highest quality professionals to provide the best services for our clients. We can provide complete or partial packages for individual landowners or developers.

Celebrating 24 years of service in the Southern Appalachians and around the world

Advice for Developers, Coastal Carolina


Conservation easements

  • Potential Federal income tax benefits
  • Potential State income tax benefits
  • Leaving a legacy for the future
  • Creating peaceful natural surroundings for estates

Property tax reduction strategies

Development design & planning

  • Creation of maps
  • Location of residences
  • Best use of natural resources
  • Recreational potential
  • Enhancement of natural resources

Land stewardship program consultation

Land use strategies

Property management strategies for optimal land quality

  • Water quality
  • Wetlands
  • Forests
  • Preserving hemlock tree cover
  • Flora & fauna

Facilitation of permitting (ponds, septic, etc.)

Wetlands: delineation, management & potential mitigation

Natural Features Reports to enhance sales of tracts

Conservation monitoring

Forestry management

Landowner services networking services

  • Locating green builders
  • Roadwork & culverts
  • Tree work
  • Access road maintenance (cutting down trees, etc.)
  • Stonework & retaining walls
  • Landscaping

Who could benefit from our services?

  • Landowners of large tracts
  • Landowners of small tracts
  • Developments & developers
  • Realtors
  • Land trusts
  • Those desiring tax benefits
  • Those desiring property management
  • Those desiring to create a personal “oasis” property
  • Those desiring to leave a natural legacy for their future generations

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